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Hi, I‘m Martin.


Martin Hanke

I am looking to buy family or founder owned businesses located in Europe.

My goal is to build upon the strong foundation of an enduring business. Every company was built to fulfill a purpose and a dedicated need. It has grown a team of people that work together to make others lives a little better every day. 

I believe it is our moral obligation to preserve and grow what has been established over the years.

I want to help business owners find a meaningful long term home for their business and find opportunities for their team to grow alongside the business as well. 

My Investment Approach

I am not an investment trust or a private equity shark. I’m looking to acquire & grow enduring family or founder owned businesses and to grow teams and people. I value honest and transparent communication, respectful and cooperative interaction. I know that great deals are partnerships not transactions.

My Acquisition Criteria

I am looking to buy family or founder owned businesses located in Europe that ideally

  • are at least 10 years in business
  • have between 2.5 – 25 Mio € in Top-Line Revenue
  • have a 2-digit Profit Margin (EBITDA) – could be less in asset heavy industries
  • have at least 10 employees

My acquisition criteria are industry agnostic. I have a background in the IT industry – that is my backyard. But I am also looking for Design, Digital Marketing, e-Learning, Services or Manufacturing and I am open to having a look at any industry. There are so many exciting businesses that I don’t want to exclude any specific industry.